Selfish Giant

by Selfish Giant

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Selfish Giant 2013 (New Haven, CT ) :
Gil- guitar, mandolin, vocals
Jeff - drums, backing vocals
Tom - bass, backing vocals
Rico - dog


released January 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Selfish Giant San Diego, California

Rejoice, Selfish Giant is here!

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Track Name: Unknown Road.
I didn’t take you far
No it was you who decided where to go
And it took me by surprise
The mere existence of a world distinct to ours
And the softness of your lips
Against my skin, against my skin, against my skin
Well I guess they’ll never know
No they don’t know, they don’t know, no they don’t know

Was it something that I said
Was it something I misplaced
Was it something I should’ve said
Was it something, I don’t care

We traveled with the sky
We watched the white we watched the blue turn into night
And I must confess I lied
For it was then I really knew my plans in life
And the fairness of your eyes
Against my will, against my will, against my will
Will remain misunderstood
Against my wish, against my dreams, against the truth
Track Name: Grains of Golden Sand
If that’s what you think of me well I’m not looking to disappear
The sun is gone and you don’t mind
It’s this the first time that you’ve seen the sunset not splitting the sky
A small incision will suffice
And through this crack I’ll collect the drops
Recover what was lost
(Recover what you stole)

Well let me break the glass that holds your eyes
It’s just a game, I’m just a game
How could a mirror make me wonder if you feel the same and make me sane
Consider lost the times we stopped
Believing how the universe could hear
And all alone yet wrapped in stones I struggle as I’m tossed into the sea

You go around with your lights and nets
Look what you’ve left behind, look what you’ve left behind
Another grain of sand
Track Name: Vital Signs
All the sickness in the world I want to cure
But all the sickness isn’t pure
What could I do to help your soul
I sell dreams for the few what are you looking for
Can I get you something warm
Or maybe something to hold on

Maybe something that could change your present state
Or is change to much for you

In the world I have travel for so long a time
But at the same time it’s not mine
Is it so hard to say goodbye
Because I know, yes I know the stone is carved so hard
Not even you could get inside
It’s this the kind of help you’d like

In the darkness of night you travelled with the sky
And as I walked I saw you cry as if approaching your last try
Come with me I said, you must be cold, I’m really glad
We’re crossing paths in such demise
Should I just treat your vital signs
Track Name: Feeling and Words
In your presence I’m not lost
Please let me tell you know what’s going on
Minutes away, goose bumps and I start to shake
Want to get an overdose of you everyday

Can’t wait to get my next dose
Two times per day it’s not, not enough
Make an exception, begin this fast titration
Unwanted side effects you say, I call it love

I’m not so sure if I made it clear
Tend to have a problem with feelings and words
So imagine actions, an array of late reactions
Once I make a move I’ll be far away, under the snow

Safe to say I’m falling, falling but not with you
You stare, unmoved
And at the edge you’re watching my journey I’m full of wounds
Detached, aloof

I’m not so sure if I made it clear
Feelings tend to get the best of my words
So imagine actions, an array of late reactions
Once I make a move I’ll be far away, under the snow